Site Modifications

Some people have noticed that Tulasivana has been loading very slowly recently.
Tulasivana has a newer and modified verison of WordPress. It is now running on 3.5.1. 🙂
Please let me know if there is any noticable changes in speed or performance.

Also, it came to my attention that the RSS feed was broken.
After hours of work, I think that the feed is now fixed.

It has been tested in:
BlogLines RSS Reader
Google Reader
Outlook RSS Reader
(does NOT work in Internet Explorer 7 RSS Reader)

If there are any other problems, please bring it to my attention. 🙂

Thanks in advance.

1 thought on “Site Modifications”

  1. Surabhi says:

    Glad my handy RSS work finally paid-off. 🙂
    Hopefully, no errors will be found and everyone’s happy! 😀

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